Massa"chew"setts Pet Service
and Dog Training

Client: Trevor Powers

Service: Dog walking and dog training

Our dog, Stevie, is very nervous and suspicious of everyone and everything. Melanie has been very patient and understanding of his unique qualities, and is such a valuable resource for us and our dog. He's really come to love her! She's been walking him for about a year now, and we recently started doing some training. It's been amazing to watch the transition in his behavior! Not only is she extremely knowledgeable about dog behavior and body language, but she's also great at training us on how to be better human guardians!

Client: Andy Slocombe

Service: Dog walking

Melanie has been walking Darwin since before he was 8 weeks old. That was more than 6 years ago, and last summer I added a second pup, Sophie. Melanie is part of both my dog's family, and she has treated them like family. I can't imagine anyone as reliable as Melanie has been, and when she takes a few days of vacation each year, she always offers to have someone cover for her. You should really take more vacation Melanie!

Client: Wendy Newton

Service: dog walking

I like to tell people that Melanie is the most consistent element in our life. I don't even know how I start and end my days on weekends when there is no Melanie visit. My standard poodle, Abby, on hearing the words "Melanie's coming!" plants herself at the door and gleefully anticipates. It's been such a smooth relationship can't count the years. Just grateful.

Client: Ayelet Berger

Service: Training

As a fellow Certified Professional Dog Trainer, I often reach out to colleagues for advice on challenging cases. Melanie has always been a wonderful sounding board and her knowledge on dog behavior is vast. Her dedication to always stay informed on the latest science-based dog training techniques is admirable. If more trainers were like Melanie, we'd have a lot more well-adjusted dogs!

Client: Tiffany Lyman

Service: Dog walking

Melanie is an AMAZING, kind, and very knowledgable dog walker. Our Lab, Butters, absolutely adores her--he actually stares at the door of our office, waiting for her on the days she comes to walk him! Melanie is flexible, affordable, and very personable. We feel so lucky to have found her!

Client: Joan Sampson

Service: Cat Sitting

Vacations are much less stressful now that we found Melanie and Massa"chew"setts Pet Service. Our cats love her and so do we. We know they get love, attention and great care while we are gone. And we especially love the pictures she will send throughout our time away!!

Client: Jaime Stevens

Service: Training

We had a great experience working with Melanie on training our anxious rescue. Since starting with her, he has made leaps and bounds. Her approach is positive, supportive and clear!